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Going Retro with Joe.

Two months in it seems fitting to take some time to reflect on this journey. I have been modelling for a while now, but I still find myself having a "pinch me" moment when I get sent new images, am approached by Photographer's I admire, or see my face pop up on an advert. It's surreal sometimes. But I have always been, and will continue to be, incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have been given in this crazy line of work.

What's more is that I am beyond proud of the work I have produced with some of the most talented and kind souls I know. When you share a creative space with someone it really bonds you. And if you are lucky enough to continue that into friendship, well then you really are the cat that got the cream eh?

Speaking of...

Now bear with me, because I know you're sat there wondering why you've just watched a pretty bloody snazzy (am I allowed to say snazzy or does it make me sound like I should retire from public life?) coffee ad.

But dear friends, you've watched it because I'm in it! Those hands... that pale green shoulder... all me! Filmed by the lovely Joseph Marchant of JMarch Photography for The Coffee Bar, a new "independent destination for coffee lovers" and a true hidden gem. I say hidden, because it resides in the depths of the famous Oasis vintage market, but it is well worth the hunt, and should you be in the mood for a retro haul, you'll truly be in the perfect place.

I could say that it was the retro vibes of Oasis that had Joe and I looking to collab again, but we had already got to planning our studio shoot before I had become involved with The Coffee Bar project.

After the success of our first shoot (which you can read all about here: we began sharing ideas for our next collaboration pretty sharpish. We shared a few mood board ideas and ended up obsessing over bold make up, sharp lines and controlled use of colour:

With the make up so specific, we both felt it best to get an MUA on board. And as is so often the case, sometimes the person you most need, is the one that's been in front of you the whole time.

Enter: my best friend, soul sister, and dancing partner, Danielle Patel. Although not a professionally trained MUA, Danielle is as skilled an artist as they come. Running her own company designing, painting and marketing her own bespoke wedding creations, finding time to create beautiful and brilliant new makeup looks of her own, and recreating the looks (costume and all) of some rather famous Princesses, I knew that by bringing Danni on board, I would be in the safest of hands.

And that I was; Danielle created a natural, almost haunting, base look before using precision painting skills to develop the eye and lip Joe and I had in mind.

The shoot itself was (despite the brooding look I have in the majority if not all of the shots) so much fun. Kaethe, Joe's partner, joined us in a mid-shoot dance off, Danielle came in handy, quite literally, as a best boy; holding the amazon parcel cardboard frame, that Joe had made while my makeup was being meticulously applied. And it all came together in a wonderful way.

Happy with the shots, happy I didn't break my back doing a bridge for far too long, and happy with the company, the four of us headed out to town for dinner and continued conversation. I've been dying to share these images so the rest of this shoot will be up fairly quickly this week. But for now, I hope these few wet your appetite enough to subscribe to my mailing list, and to check out the brilliant, and bloody lovely, creatives below.

For those technical enough to understand it, Joe shot with a Sony a7iii, 55mm Ziess 1.8 lens, 2 Newer 250w strobe and Godox softbock for backlighting.

PSA: someone remind me to book myself onto a photography course so I can better understand the genius of my fellow creatives. I know my angles, I don't know my lenses. And I really should.

Maybe by the next blog... I will. Keep your eyes peeled.

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