Testimonials and References

"Jess is a wonderful, versatile model, with lots of energy and positivity! She reacts well to constructive criticism and has perfected her posture and pose, when working with our in house photographers. We have loved welcoming her on board the Gemini team!"

- Becky Simons / Content and Retail Ecommerce Manager, Gemini Woman

Terri Perks

Owner and Photographer at

Terri Samantha Photography >

TerriSamantha Photography, 2020

I’ve been working in the industry for 7 years now and in that time I have worked with many Models and Actors. I have worked with Jess on multiple occasions - she is always a pleasure to work with. She has such a high skillset for all kinds of work - Photography and Film and her personality is golden, a perfect testament to her professionalism and creative mindset. She’s always up to try something new and experimental, and delivers high quality work every single time. Such a special talent, and a wonderful creative who I will continue to work with time and time again!

- Terri Perks, Owner and Photographer at TerriSamantha Photography.

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Sorrel Barker

Owner and Photographer at

Sorrel Price Photography.

Photographer and Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Luna Charles >


"Jess is definitely one of my go to models. She has the ability to take criticism in such a professional way and give 110% every-time. She is punctual, she has incredible attention to detail and she understands every brief and creative idea put forward. A stunning model, colleague and friend who I will continue to recommend."

- Sorrel Barker, Owner and Photographer at Sorrel Price Photography & Photographer and Co-Founder of Luna Charles

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David Shickell

Professional Photographer >

David Shickell, 2019

"I have worked with Jessica on multiple occasions, she is always professional, funny, relaxed and a sheer joy to work with. Her skill sets are strong and [she is always] willing to work hard to achieve the results. I cannot recommend her enough"

- David Shickell, Photographer

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"Jess is the kind of model who makes my job as a photographer super easy and enjoyable. She had a broad range of poses at her disposal and embodied my posing ideas effortlessly. This all is evident in the brilliant pictures she comes out with at the end of a shoot- I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my photographer friends".

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Amy Demibow / Professional Photographer

"I loved doing Jess’s hair and makeup on set! She allowed me complete creative freedom and was very fun and enjoyable to work with. She also came up with a consistent flow of poses which looked incredible in the camera every time. Because of this we managed to work very quickly and I was able to create lots of makeup changes in-between takes. I’ll definitely be working with Jess again".

- Olivia Hack / Professional MUA and Hair Stylist

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